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Meet our Personal Trainers
We believe we have a super group of Personal Trainers/Nutrition Coaches at Motivations, but we want to give you the chance to learn a little about each of them as well.  If you would like to meet with any of our trainers and discuss how their fitness philosophy could enhance or take your workouts to the next level, just call 705-789-9435 to book a free consultation with the trainer of your choice!



Lorraine vanLuit

CanFit Pro Certified Personal Trainer
Older Adult Specialist
Bone-Fit - Osteoporosis Prevention
Zumba, Spin, Pilates, Tabata and Yoga Instructor
Certified TRX Instructor
Certified Fitness Kickboxing Instructor
Certified Post-Rehab Exercise Specialist
Spine Health Specialist
Certified Nutrition and Wellness Specialist
Co-Owner - Motivations Fitness

Enjoying 28 years in the fitness industry, Lorraine could not imagine doing any other job.  A passion for fitness and living every day to its fullest provide her with the desire to MOTIVATE others and are the basis of Lorraine's personal training philosophy.  Her knowledge, amazing attitude and empathy encourage clients to have fun while working towards their goals. Lorraine strives to train each client as an individual and all exercise selection is based on the fact that no two clients are the same, even if their goals are similar. Putting the 'personal' in personal training, Lorraine encourages clients to consider a balanced lifestyle including work, play, regular exercise and healthy choices. Lorraine thrives on the opportunity to help clients achieve their best life and is constantly updating her knowledge and expertise.

Kym Bice

CanFit Pro Personal Trainer
Older Adult Specialist
Bone-Fit Osteoporosis Prevention
Certified Spin, Tabata and Yoga Instructor
Certified TRX Instructor
Certified Fitness Kickboxing Instructor
Certified Post-Rehab Exercise Specialist
Certified Nutrition and Wellness Specialist
Co-Owner - Motivations

"She loved it so much she bought the company" can apply to Kym and Motivations.  Kym started at Motivations 12 years ago as a member and became so entrenched in the fitness lifestyle she purchased a share of Motivations!  Kym's belief that fitness should be available to everyone MOTIVATES her personal training style.  Never a 'one style fits all' trainer, Kym tailors each client's program taking into consideration current fitness level, injuries or limitations. Every client is an individual and every session reflects that.  With clients from 18-80 and beyond, her knowledge, patience and empathy encourages clients to enjoy exercising while working to achieve their goals.  As a Yoga teacher Kym brings another level to her personal training, using the knowledge of breathing, balance & stretching to enhance each session.
Mark O'Dell

CanFit Pro Personal Trainer
Certified Spin Instructor
Certified TRX Instructor
Certified Fitness Kickboxing Instructor
Co-owner Motivations Fitness

Tina Steele

CanFit Pro Personal Trainer

Does this face look familiar?  The friendly face from behind the front desk is also a busy Motivations Personal Trainer. Tina brings her enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for fitness to each and every training session.
Tina has always enjoyed an active lifestyle with running being her fitness focus. She runs cross country, 10K and half marathon races each summer, knowing that the training and discipline she advocates allows her to compete in every race.  Keeping up with her husband, two active daughters and her growing puppy ensure even ‘down-time’ is busy!
It is Tina’s goal to be able to motivate others to achieve their fitness goals, enjoying that ‘aha’ moment when the client experiences their first tangible results and realizes that with hard work, they too can reach their potential.
Judy Smith
CanFit Pro Personal Trainer
Older Adult Specialist
Certified Spin and Tabata Instructor
TRX Certified
FIS Certified

What MOTIVATES the staff of Motivations?  Judy Smith!  This amazing dynamo shows us every day that age is not a limit to your fitness level and that a positive attitude can inspire and challenge.  Judy works with all ages and fitness levels and believes that your fitness routine should be constantly changing to prevent boredom. She encourages clients to try new challenges, and to always have fun doing it.  Judy's fitness philosophy, 'have a blast, keep it varied, love your body and fuel it well'. Words of wisdom from one who has done it right!

Amy Harkness

Csep Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Spin Instructor

Motivations Fitness and Amy go way back!  Amy is a long-time member who took her apptitude and passion for fitness and became a successful Personal Trainer and class instructor.

Amy currently runs our Healthy Heart program, motivating members who are in transition to a healthy, active lifestyle.

Amy enjoys working with all ages and fitness levels, bringing interest and knowledge to their programs and an absolute investment of her time and energy to their goals.



Blair Douglas

CanFit Pro – Personal Trainer Specialist
CanFit Pro – Pre/Post Natal
CanFit Pro – Active Aging (In process)
PICP Level 1
PICP Level 2
PICP Biosignature
DTS Level 1
Stretch to Win – Floor Based System

Blair’s passion and career for fitness started in started in 2004 with GoodLife Fitness, where she stayed for over a decade. She has most recently been training in a facility in Barbados. Blair is excited to be back in Huntsville, where she grew up, to continue her training journey. Over the past 13 years she her understanding of the body and mind have been practised through various certifications and hands on experience with a variety of clients and goals from weight loss, to pain reduction, rehab, pre/post natal, stress reduction and much more.

Movement is the basis of our health and longevity and without it we cannot function optimally. Blair’s passion is the focus on each person’s journey, as each of us has different obstacles to overcome at different points in our lives. There is nothing more rewarding than to see that dedication and work we put in together improve the quality of life, relationships, health and wellbeing of my clients.

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