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Meet Cynthia and draw inspiration from her story of a transition to a healthy lifestyle and the 55 pound (and counting) weight loss that came with it. Find your health/fitness story...discover the key to what works for you! Thank you Cynthia!


My name is Cynthia McLeod. I'm a 46 year old woman. I'm a nurse (25 years), a wife, and a mother of two (my son is 25 years and my little girl 11 years old).


My new life, for the rest of my life.


When I want chicken strips, I eat chicken strips! I don't deny myself anything. Everything in moderation. I take into account my physical activity for the day. For example, I worked last night and I did an hour cardio workout this morning at Motivations right after work. I've got 115 minutes of cardio for the day. Almost 13,000 steps and I'm working tonight. I need to make sure I'm getting enough food in to stay physically, emotionally and mentally healthy. I'm not counting calories. I know what's good for me.


This has taken years and years and mostly error to figure this out. I don't push anything. I do it naturally so the inner child doesn't have a temper tantrum and eats ALL THE SUGAR AND FOOD THAT HURTS ME because she's being left out/denied and excluded. I'm down 55lbs.


What's worked for me is intermittent fasting, eating in moderation, 1 hour of cardio a day, supplements, minerals and vitamins, and being gentle with myself. I'm always in close contact with my health care providers. I never wait until Monday to start over. If I make a negative choice regarding my health/weight-loss.....I CONTINUE MY JOURNEY TO HEALTH THAT MOMENT. There are no bad/evil foods in my diet. I am however, reducing gluten/sugar slowly. I have a chronic illness that thrives on gluten and sugar and causes me to hurt and become more sick.


I download Netflix T.V shows to watch while I'm on the treadmill at the gym, Motivations. I do not allow myself to watch the shows anywhere but at the gym. Helps to motivate me to get to the gym. Watching the shows helps distract and the time just flies. Before I know it my workout is done and I feel great. When it comes to getting to the gym, sure there are times I don't want to. I have an arsenal of excuses I've accumulated over the years, but I just go. Auto pilot kicks in and I just go through the motions and drive myself to the gym. I have found there is always time in a day to get to the gym and take care of myself. I used to make every excuse in the book to avoid the gym and being healthy. I was a master at it. I homeschool my daughter. She comes with me everyday to the gym. She does her reading or art while I workout. My family is very supportive with my new life changes. They are excited for me!!


THIS IS WHAT WORKS FOR ME! We are all different. What works for me, might not work for you. You can find what works for you. Baby steps!! If I can do it, so can you. I've struggled for ALL OF MY LIFE with food and weight issues. I've suffered from ALL of the eating disorders. I've been a skeleton and I've been 344 lbs. For me it's all about balance. I'm 259lbs. It's taken me over a year to lose the weight and I feel better every single day. It is a long process. It took me years to gain all the weight and it will take time to lose it, that's for sure. There is no magic pill, potion, shake, system, program, or injection IMHO. I've tried them all! I lost weight and then gained back the weight +. For me, weight loss is a slow and steady process. I'm building a healthy lifestyle to carry me for the rest of my life. I can't wait to reach my next goal!!!


This is what works for me. Please consult your medical practitioner when starting any new plan of eating or activity


The staff at Motivations are absolutely amazing. There's always a smile and a kind word every time I open the door. The staff are very knowledgeable and supportive. At Motivations, I feel like I belong. I feel welcomed and part of a wonderful healthy community. Lorraine and Kim are amazing and I can't thank them enough for all the support and encouragement I have recieved. All the staff are friendly and helpful. Everyone is welcome regardless of physical activity level, body shape, gender or age!


Most importantly, be gentle with yourself. No one is perfect. Don't give up on yourself. Find what works for you. Trial and error. You can do it!!!!! Motivations can help you.


Cynthia McLeod


Introducing...10in20 Motivations Smart Start Workout Circuit



Congratulations Motivator! You have chosen to take the proactive approach to your health and fitness! Motivations is pleased to be able to offer the 10in20 Smart Start Circuit to our members. After the completion of your Smart Start Orientation (conducted with a Motivations trainer) please consider the following workout plan.

The Smart Start Circuit consists of 10 muscle training machines that will provide a complete beginners workout (when added to a cardio component).

The 10 machines are:

1. Leg Extension

2. Ab Crunch

3. Leg Press

4. Chest Press

5. Lat Pulldown

6. Shoulder Press

7. Seated Row

8. Seated Hamstring

9. Bicep Cable

10. Tricep Cable

Beginners should look to complete 8-12 reps on each machine and build to 15 repetitions - your goal is to increase your weight-load and complete the full 15 reps on each machine in the 20 minute circuit. Please start with the weight established in your Smart Start Orientation (that was conducted with a Motivations trainer). Only increase weight load when comfortable with your current lifiting weight. RECORD ALL RESULTS ON YOUR SMART START WORKOUT TRACKING CARD. This will let you track your results and follow gains or setbacks. For beginners, consider following this circuit for 8-10 weeks, or longer if you feel the need. This is not a race...It is a process and lifestyle adjustment that will take time and patience and the rewards are limitless!

Motivations offers many strength training machines for your usage, please don't feel limited to the above 10. Smart Start is simply an option that will focus your fitness efforts in the beginning of your process. ALWAYS BEGIN YOUR STRENGTH TRAINING WITH AN AEROBIC WORKOUT...we offer many machine options or a short walk or run around the Summit Centre track will do the job.

Please feel free to consult with a Motivations staff member if you are unsure of any cardio or strength machine. SAFETY is always the first priority! Smart Start has been designed to offer the most workout, safely and efficiently in 20 minutes. (+warm-up time)

SMILE AND WATCH THOSE GAINS! Need a little refresher? Watch as Lorraine and Christine work through the 10in20 circuit...




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