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Join Lovely Lorraine as she shares some homework exercises for our Young at Heart members or really anyone who needs flexibility help, which at this time of year with shovelling etc., is ALL of us.  The second video focuses on core work - remember, work to your abilities.



Core-work ideas from Lorraine, give them a try!





We are so proud of our members who take part in the Motivations' Get Fit While You Sit classes. This should be inspiration for every person who thinks they are 'too old' to take part in fitness classes.

Take a look at one of our classes with Lorraine vanLuit and remember, at Motivations there is always room for one more! Join us...






Our Young at Heart members continue to motivate us everyday...take a look!








Check out this link from livestrong.com for exercises to improve balance in seniors











Experience the Joy of Walking!           


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