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Corporate Membership



As of October 01, 2017 our Corporate Membership will be available as part of a Wellness Initiative Program only. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how a Wellness Program could be designed to benefit your workforce. Please contact Lorraine or Kym at 705-789-9435.





Shout out to corporate partner, Tembec Huntsville, for taking the proactive approach to health and wellness in the workplace.

Tembec employees are taking part in a program of seminars and inter-active workshops that will give participants the tools to feel better and to tackle their physically demanding job with less toll on their bodies.

Team Motivator...Lorraine, Tina and Christine were on hand to administer fitness testing before the morning shift began.

Congratulations Tembec employees...good things come to those who are open to change!


Workplace Wellness Programs can be tailor-made for your business and employee goals

Give us a call...let's talk! 705-789-9435






Healthy employees make a healthy business!

Our goal at Motivations Fitness is to help your business and its employees reach its wellness potential.  Motivations will help keep your employees in good health.  We will help bring wellness directly to your employees in the workplace – it is easy, fun and convenient.  We will help you select the programs and services that meet the needs and interests of your employees as you help your organization address the health risks of your workforce.

Extensive studies have shown that participants in physical activity programs report:

• Exercise helps them achieve higher mental concentration and feel more alert

• They enjoy work more than non-participants and it boosts their morale

• Exercise improves reaction time, memory and decision-making ability

• They are more productive, have more stamina and are sick less often

• Exercise induces sounder sleep and they handle stress better

• They have better rapport with co-workers and enjoy work more


Corporate Wellness Program

  • 25% off an annual membership
  • All classes included in membership
  • 30-Day Wellness Challenge
  • Monthly seminars on Health, Wellness & Fitness
  • Team building group sessions
  • Free equipment orientation
  • Body fat analysis/girth measurements
  • Initial program design
  • Other Programs Available


Nutrition and Wellness Lifestyle Program:

  • Personal Training
  • Group Training
  • Sport Specific Training


Wellness Program/Wellness Program with Membership

Company Participation is the key!

• The company pays the dues for the employees directly to Motivations monthly.

• The company has the option to subsidize the membership fully, partially, or simply collect the dues via payroll deduction or directly from the employee.

• Motivations gives a 25% discount off the dues.

• By offering a convenient payment plan, the company gives employees an excellent payment option and substantial savings.

• The membership term is 12 months or for as long as the company employs the member.

• If an employee leaves the company, the membership can be transferred to another employee or cancelled with 30 days’ notice for no additional fee.

• Motivations will provide on-site information sessions, lunch time seminars, and health and wellness sessions if requested by the company.

The corporate rate is based on 10 new members joining within 30 days.

• The company agrees to facilitate communication of the plan to employees under this option.


Benefits of Partnership

• Complimentary 1-week trial memberships for employees considering enrolling in the program.

• Family members can receive the corporate rate as long as they reside at the same address or have same surname.

• Complimentary fitness assessments with a trainer to help integrate and motivate all new members...

Usage reports are available upon request to monitor employee participation.

• Through exercise your employees will notice an increase in their energy level and concentration, a boosted immune system, as well as an improved level of endurance and strength.

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