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Motivations in Motion visits Girlfriend's Getaway Weekend 2018


Motivations Fitness was thrilled to take part in this year's Girlfriend's Getaway Weekend. Deerhurst Resort provided the perfect setting for a little Zumba, POUND and Yoga. What a way to celebrate women, fun, laughter and friendship - well done all!

Can't wait for next year...November 8-10th, 2019

Just a little peek into this awesome event.







Please take a moment to see what Motivations is all about!







Cheers to our own Lorraine who received congratulations from an amazing group of ladies and celebrated receiving her Yoga certification certificate this past weekend!
This certificate signifies 600 hours of Yoga practice & learning. What an amazing accomplishment.





A little about Motivations Fitness



Motivations Commitment Statement

  • We believe fitness must be made available to everyone; young, old, the confident or those who are finding their true selves
  • We will MOTIVATE, educate and support our members to work hard to achieve realistic, measurable goals as they nourish and honour their bodies
  • We will provide the finest equipment, offer fun, challenging classes taught by enthusiastic fitness professionals
  • We believe open communication between members and staff allow us to make your goals our priority - we want your feedback and ideas
  • Above all, we promise to give 100% at all times.  Your commitment will always inspire and motivate us!


Our Funding Requirements

Our charitable contributions are provided in the form of memberships or club discounts; this allows the recipient to maximize the value of our contribution.

Motivations is a long-time supporter of area charitable organizations and community events. Our commitments to Hospice Huntsville, The Heart and Stroke Foundation and many others remain strong and are always on-going.

If you are a local charitable organization that would like to be considered for a contribution, please follow the following procedure.  E-mail a short letter with details of your event and please address the following four questions:

  1. How a Motivations membership contribution will be used to fundraise (eg. auction etc.)  Will this effort maximize the value of our contribution?
  2. Are you a current member of Motivations?
  3. Does your fundraising effort fit with our vision of supporting local (Muskoka) charitable organizations?
  4. Please include the name of a contact person and a phone number or preferably an e-mail address

Although we appreciate the need behind all requests, priority must be given to events that benefit Muskoka charitable organizations and the fundraising efforts of our members.  We will also give priority to well organized events that will generate the most money from our contribution.

Letters of application should be sent to motivations@bellnet.ca



Motivations Fitness - Gym Etiquette - What we ask of you!

Clean indoor shoes only! Any shoes that have been outside are considered outdoor shoes. Sand and salt are perilous for our machines and lead to expense and down-time.

Please remember hygiene…….shower regularly, use soap and deodorant, change workout clothes regularly.

Clean up after yourself…………….. put used towels in laundry basket, put outdoor shoes on shelf when you enter the club, put gym bags under the benches.

Share…………..if someone asks to work on a piece of equipment that you are on; please let them. On aerobic equipment Motivations' observes a 20 minute max during busy periods

Return it from where you got it……………When you are in a crowded gym and you abandon one of the limited bench presses, smith machines or squat racks, no one knows if you are still using it. Please put away your weights when you were finished with them.

If you are super-setting during a busy time, then expect that you may end up losing one of your alternate pieces of equipment...please adapt and overcome.

Consider hiring a Personal Trainer if you are not sure what to do.  You will avoid injury AND make the most of your workout time.

Be good to the equipment. We love our equipment, please don’t drop weights or let plates slam down.

Don’t lift more than you can handle.

Be courteous and respect other members and staff.

Swearing and profanity is unacceptable.


Let's make Motivations a great enviroment for everyone!


How to get the most from your Motivations membership

What to bring

There are certain must-haves for any gym workout:

  1. Motivations requires a pair of indoor running shoes, or shoes that have never been worn outdoors. Sand, dirt and in the winter, salt, can damage our machines causing expense and down-time inconvenience to Motivations and your fellow members.  Members are required to wear running shoes at all times for your own safety and hygiene.
  2. Comfortable workout clothes, a water bottle and lock for your day-locker.  We do have a limited amount of both on hand for those who forget.  You are required to lock up all valuables in our day use lockers.  Motivations is not responsible for any loss of belongings. Please don't make any exceptions!
  3. Motivations requests that you bring a small towel for your workout and a bath towel if you plan to shower.
  4. Motivations does provide music to motivate your workout but if you are particular about your genre of music you might want to consider a ipod or other listening device with your collected favorites.
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